Yf-Cyx1-6 Hospital Instrument Surgeon Control Panel with Touch Sensitive Monitor

Yf-Cyx1-6 Hospital Instrument Surgeon Control Panel with Touch Sensitive Monitor

The temperature controller is an intelligent temperature control instrument integrating regulation and control. It adopts full digital integrated design. It has the functions of temperature curve programmable or fixed-point constant temperature control, multiple PID regulation, output power limit curve programming, manual / automatic switching, soft start, alarm switch output, real-time data query, and computer communication. It can adjust the digital display temperature instrument and ZK thyristor voltage The instrument can directly output thyristor trigger signal and drive all kinds of thyristor load.


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CH102 size: 48 * 48, depth of about 170g, multi storage area function: you can log in 8 different setting values for the main setting value, and you can make a package of tedious setting changes. You can also switch the area through the optional external contact input. Through the combination of multiple storage functions to connect the other party's area number, area duration, setting the rate of change limit, the maximum 16 segments (8 steps) of program operation can be realized, and the frequently used data (up to 16 items) can be listed freely with continuous addresses. Therefore, data transmission can be greatly reduced and high-speed communication can be realized.


Installation conditions

  1. The ambient temperature shall not be lower than 0 ℃ or more than 50 ℃

  2. The ambient humidity shall not be lower than 45% or 85% RH

  3. There shall be no corrosive or flammable gas

  4. Water, oil, chemicals, steam splash place

  5. No excessive induction dry sound, static electricity, magnetic field

  6. No thermal condensation forms thermal radiation


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