Custom Printable ISO18000-6C Passive UHF RFID Jewelry Tag / Label / Sticker

Custom Printable ISO18000-6C Passive UHF RFID Jewelry Tag / Label / Sticker

Rotary encoder is a device used to measure speed and realize fast speed regulation with PWM technology. Through photoelectric conversion, photoelectric rotary encoder can convert mechanical quantities such as angular displacement and angular velocity of output shaft into corresponding electrical pulse and output digital value (REP)


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Rotary encoder is a kind of speed and displacement sensor which integrates optical electromechanical technology.

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Signal output includes sine wave (current or voltage), square wave (TTL, HTL), collector open circuit (PNP, NPN), push-pull type. Among them, TTL is long line differential drive (symmetrical a, a -; B, B -; Z, Z -), HTL is also called push-pull or push-pull output. The interface of signal receiving equipment of encoder should correspond to encoder.

A. Position correction with B and Z for three-phase connection.

 Technical Specifications



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