Retroreflective Type Photocell Sensor


Photoelectric swtch Principle of photoelectric switch

The working principle of the photoelectric switch is that when the beam emitted by the emitter is blocked or partly reflected by the object, the beam receiver whereby makes a judgment and reacts.



Retroreflective type

Retroreflective type photoelectric switch also integrates the transmitter and the receiver, Its difference from other models is that reflecotr is used to relfect light to the photoelectric switch. Though the object between the photoelectric switch and reflector can reflect the light, it is much less efficient than the reflector so as to cut down reflected light.

光电 反馈反射式

Technical Specifications

Model NO.G18-3B1PC
InstallationRetroreflective type 
Structural categoryPhotoelectric switch
Detection distance1m
Supply voltage10-36VDC
Output formPNP
Output stateNO+NC
Output current200mA
Output voltage dropDC/ACDC≤1.5V
Consumption current≤15mA
 Response time2ms
 Directional angle3°-10°
DC/AC Response frequency200Hz/25Hz
Detected object transparent or opaque body
Working environment temperature–25℃~55℃
 Intensity ofillumination of working environment

Sunlight under 10000LX

incandescent lamp under 3000LX

Shell materialPlastic
Protection gradeIP54



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