Photoelectric Switch Senser 10-30VDC PNP NO

Photoelectric switch senser uses the object to block or reflect the light beam, and the synchronous circuit connects the circuit to detect whether there is an object.


Photoelectric switch senser 10-30VDC PNP NO

    The photoelectric switch converts the input current into optical signal on the transmitter, and the receiver detects the target object according to the intensity of the received light or whether there is any light. It is often used in industry to count the number of movements of a manipulator.


Structural categoryPhotoelectric switch
Outward appearance codeG18
Outward appearance illustration
Diffuse typeDetection distance10cm
10- 30 VDCNPNNOG18 -3A 10NA
NCG18 -3A 10NB
NO+NCG18 -3A 10NC
90~250 VACNCG18 -3A 10PB
NO+NCG18 -3A 10PC
SCR Controllable SiliconNOG18 -2A 10LA
NCG18 -2A 10LB
Relay output-
Retrore-flictiveDetection distance2m
10- 30 VDCNPNNOG18-3B2NA
90~250 VACNCG18-3B2PB
SCR Controllable SiliconNOG18-2B2LA
NCG18-2B 2LB
Relay output-
Tough beamDetection distance5m
10- 30 VDCNPNNOG18 -3C 5NA
NCG18 -3C 5NB
NO+NCG18 -3C 5NC
90~250 VACNCG18 -3C 5PB
NO+NCG18 -3C 5PC
SCR Controllable SiliconNOG18 -2C 5LA
NCG18 -2C 5LB
Relay output-
DC/SCR/Control outputDC:200mA, AC:300mA
DC/AC Consumption currentDC<15mA , AC:<10mA
DC/AC Response timeDC<2mS , AC<20mS
Directional angle3°-10°
Directed objectTransparent or opaque body
Working environment temperature-25 °C ~ + 55 °C `
Intensity of illumination of working environmentSunlight under 10000LX incandescent lamp under 3000LX
Shell materialPlastic
Protection gradeIP66

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