Position Inductive Linear Displacement Sensor


work principle

Inductive proximity switch with analog quantity output has the similar work principle with general inductive proximity switch. The energy of oscillator systemdecreases when a metal object approaches the inductive side. The energy decrease degree indic ates the distance between the metal object and thesensor. The energy consumption is transformed into measuring sign inan additional device and magnified through linear treatment. Provide astandard analog 

signal at output terminal(0···5V or 4-20mA···)

code XM18 
Detectable object Metal
Detection distanceFulsh type:5mmNon-Flush:8mm
Model avaliable Current typeXM12-3005PMIXM12-3008PMI
Voltage typeXM12-3005PMUXM12-3008PMU
Voltage range15~30VDC     
Consumption at the time of detection≤200mA-<Ma 
at the time of non-detection≤20mA 
Loading resistance Current type0~300Ω 
Voltage type≥2.2KΩ
Output Current type4-20mA 
Voltage type0-5V/0-10Vz    
Voltage fluctuation≤5%     
Output signalPNP Simulation    
Linear deviation±5%     
Ambient temperature-10℃~+70℃     
Shell materialPlastic Metal     
Protection gradeIP54     

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