Angular Column Square Type Sensor


 Working principle inductive proximity switch

Inductive proximity switch is composed of three parts: oscillator, switch circuit and magnified output circuit. The oscillator will generate an alternating electric field. When hemetal object approaches this electric field and reaches the induction distance, whirlpool will generate in metal object, resulting in attenuation of vibrati on and then stop. The changeof vibration and stop of oscillator is treated by begid stage magnified circuit and convertedto switching sign, triggering driving con-contact detection.


Model NOLMF37-2020JC
Structural categoryAngular column type
Detection distance20mm
Supply voltage90-250 VAC
Output formRelay output
Control output300mA/2A
Output voltage dropDC/ACDC<3V AC≤10V
Consumption currentDC≤15mA AC≤10mA
Standard detected object50×50×1(A3 iron)
Repeated precision0.2
DC/AC Response frequency200Hz/15Hz
Working environment temperature–25℃~75℃
Insulation resistance50MΩ
Shell materialABS Resin
Protection gradeIEC standard IP67

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