PNP Output 10mm Hall Proximity Sensor



SM series Hall sensor is a kind of magnct- sensitive scnsor consisting of voltage regulator,Hall voltage generator, differential ampifer.Schmidt trigger and the output pole of collector open circuitits input is the magnetic flux density.The output is adigital voltage signal.



  • Wide mains voltage range

  • High frequency

  • Long service life, compact volume, and convenient installatio

  • Directly connect to transistor and logic circuit port like,TTL.MOS

Model and parameters

Outward appearance codeSM12 
Detection distance10mm
Mains voltage5~24VDC
Detectable objectPermanent magnet
Output low level voltage200mV
Output high level current0.1uA
Mains current8mA
ON-OFF frequency320KHz
Working point magnetic density22mT
Shell materialMetal
Ambient temperature-25℃-70℃
Protection structurestandard IP67


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