Rotary Push Button Switches With Blue Lamp

As for the rotary button switch, the most common one in our life is the knob on the gas stove, which can control the gas switch and adjust the size of firepower. In fact, there are many occasions to use knob switch in our life.It is a kind of switch that controls the main contact on and off by rotating the handle.
Rotary push button switch 2 positions stable with blue lamp of 24V DC


YUMO rotary push button switch with blue lamp of 24 V DC

There are two kinds of structure of rotary switch, namely single pole unit structure and multi pole multi position structure. Single pole unit rotary switch is often used with rotary shaft potentiometer in application, while multi pole multi position rotary switch is mostly used for switching working state circuit.3

Rotary switch is mainly used for conversion of various control lines, commutation measurement control of voltmeter and ammeter, conversion and remote control of power distribution equipment lines.


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A3: 12 months under normally used.


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Rotary push button switch 2 positions stable with blue lamp of 24V DC
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