NPN Output PLC Controller

NPN Output PLC Controller


SR-12MGDC DC12/24V 8 points DC input (with 6 points analog ) , 4 points transistor output(PNP) plc controller
(1) The input/output function modules are complete. One of the biggest advantages of PLC is that for different field signals (such as DC or AC, switching, digital or analog, voltage or current, etc.), there are corresponding templates for industrial devices (such as buttons and switches). , sensor current transmitter, motor starter or control valve, etc.) are directly connected and connected to the CPU motherboard through the bus.
(2) Easy to install. Compared with computer systems, PLC installation does not require a dedicated machine room or strict shielding measures. When you use it, you only need to connect the detection device to the I/O interface terminal of the actuator and PLC correctly, and it can work normally.
(3) The running speed is fast. Since the control of the PLC is controlled by the program, regardless of its reliability or operating speed, the relay logic control cannot be compared.

This intelligent controller, adopting function block programming, having large programming capacity, being freely programmed according to different users and different fields, can run at your desired time table and the RTC accuracy can reach second and makes your time control more accurate. And up to 128 time sessions can be set, especially suitable for time-control system."

It has well-featured and compact design with 8 point input and 4 point output. Equipped with expansion module, it can be expanded into 82 I/O better, and to MAX 122I/O. It can be connected with telephone voice module and remote control module to perform the notification and alarming function. And the connection between the host and the module can be Bridge SR-CBA or flexible connection SR-ECBA.

It is equipped with a removable, convenient and programmable LCD, providing 64 friendly human-machine interfaces, 32 virtual keys, having the function to display the alarming message and parameter and to modify the parameter. When needed, it can be installed. And when not needed, it can be removed and replaced with an ordinary front panel. Thus the cost will be greatly reduced.

Technical Index

Power supply



Input parameters

Input No


Digital input


Analogue input


Power range


Input signal0


Input signal1


Output parameters

Output No


Output type

Transistor (PNP)output

Output voltage


Output current


Environment temperature

Running temperature




Switch frequency



Resistor/light load


Sensitive load


Other parameters

Clock buffer memory at 25℃


RTC accuracy




Emission on line


The main frequency range


Function block No


Program storage capacity


Isolation intensity


Installation Dimensions

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