24 Points PLC Transistor Output


LM3106 DC24V power supply, 14 Channels DC24V DI,10 Channels Transistor DO PLC
The hardware of the PLC controller itself adopts the building block structure, with motherboard, digital I/O template, analog I/O template, special positioning template, barcode identification template and other modules. Users can expand on the motherboard as needed. Or use the bus technology to equip the remote I/O slaves to get the desired number of I/Os.
While implementing various I/O controls, the PLC also has the ability to output analog voltage and digital pulses, enabling it to control a variety of servo motors, stepper motors, variable frequency motors, etc. that can receive these signals, plus a touch screen. Human interface support.

• Rated Voltage: 24V DC
• 14 Channels DC24V DI, 10 Channels Transistor DO
• Program Memory Capacity: 28KB/120KB
• Interrupt Input: 3 Points
• Expandable I/O: 4 Modules

► CPU Features

Local I/O

14 Channels DC24V DI, 10 Channels Transistor DO

Expandable I/O

4 modules

High-speed counter

Monophase counter: 3 points, 100KHz
       Biphasic counter: 2 points, 100KHz

Pulse output

2 points 20KHz

Pulse catch

3 points

Interrupt input

3 points

Analog potentiometer

2, value setting range 0~255

User program memory capacity

28K bytes/120K bytes

Retain area

512 bytes/6K bytes

Input data memory

512 bytes

Output data memory

512 bytes

Mid-variables memory

8K bytes

Global memory

24K bytes



Real-time clock



No limit (1ms as minimum unit)


No limit (Maximum counting range: 16 bit)

Basic instructions


Function blocks

Over 70

Operation speed

0.65μs (Basic instruction)

► Power Supply Specifications

Power supply

24V DC

Allowed range

21V DC~27V DC

Current consumption (MAX)


Output voltage

24V DC

Allowed range

22.8V DC~25.2V DC

Current output

+24VDC (To expansion bus)


+24V DC (To the outside)


+5V DC (To expansion bus)


Short circuit protection

400mA, 24VDC output

► Communication Features

Communication interface

1 RS-232 (Non-isolating)

Communication protocol

Proprietary protocol/MODBUS/Free protocol

► Input Features

Input type


Input voltage rated value

24V DC

Allowed range

0V DC~30V DC

Logic 1 signal

15~30V DC

Logic 0 signal

0~5V DC

Input delay time

<0.6ms (Rated input voltage)

Isolation mode

Photo coupler isolation

Isolation group

2 groups

Maximum Isolation Voltage


 ► Output Features

Output type


Output voltage

24V DC

Allowed range

20.4V DC~28.8V DC

Transistor conduction voltage drop

<0.5V (Output logic “1”, current 1A)

Contact impedance


Logic “1” single point output maximum current


Logic “0” maximum leaking current


Common end output current total


Isolation mode

Photo coupler isolation

Isolation group

2 groups

Maximum Isolation Voltage


Isolation resistance (minimum)

100MΩ  (under 500VDC) between contacts
       or between coil and contact

Contact switch delay time


Contact switch frequency (maximum)


Response time (status “0” to “1” or“1”to “0”)

Common output<1ms
High-speed pulse output<10us

► Physical Features


125mm(L)×90mm(W)×70mm (H)



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