PLC NPN Output with LCD

APB-12MTDL DC12V-24V, 8 points digital input (can be used as analog inputs); I4-I7 can be high-speed ports, 4 points NPN transistor output Q2 、 Q3 can be high-speed output ports, with LCD PLC PLC mainly has two types of structure: integral type and modular type. The average price of each I/O...


APB-12MTDL DC12V-24V, 8 points digital input (can be used as analog inputs); I4-I7 can be high-speed ports, 4 points NPN transistor output Q2Q3 can be high-speed output ports, with LCD PLC
PLC mainly has two types of structure: integral type and modular type.
The average price of each I/O point of the integrated PLC is cheaper than that of the modular type, and the volume is relatively small. It is generally used in a small control system with a fixed system process; while the function of the modular PLC is flexible and convenient. The choice of I/O points, the ratio of the number of input points to the number of output points, and the type of I/O modules are large, and the maintenance is convenient, generally in a more complicated control system.

Features of APB series PLC:
• User program capacity: 320 FBD, EEPROM saved;
• Lithium battery can be added to improve the clock holding time;
• In DC12-24v state, the main module can include up to 12 channels of 0-10V voltage type analog input, 2 channels of 4-20mA current type analog input and 2 channels of 4-20mA analog output;
• High speed processing: up to 4 channels 10kHz high speed input and 2 channels 10kHz high speed output;
• New function blocks: pulse modulation PWM, pulse output PTO, trapezoidal acceleration/deceleration ACC, short message module SMS and analog calculation, etc.

Technical Parameters

             Model No.


       (with LCD)


8 points digital input(can be used as analog inputs); I4-I7 can be high-speed ports

4 points NPN transistor output(Q2、Q3 can be high-speed output ports)

Surge Immunity

2kv(common mode), 1kv(differential mode), Level 3 (IEC61000-4-5)

Electrostatic Discharge (outer casing)

±8kv(air discharge)/±6kv(contact discharge), Level 3 (IEC61000-4-5)

Ambient Temperature


Storage Temperature


Ambient Humidity


Degree of Protection



Fixing with M3 screws or Standard DIN rail mounting

Dimensions (mm)

71*99*58.5(12 points); 126*99*58.5(22 points); 126*99*58.5(24 points)

Programming Language



12 points/22 points/24 points/can support 7 I/O extension modules

Memory Capacity

320 FBDs

Filtering Duration of Input Signal

It can be set to improve the stability of signal

Real-time Clock

160h,can place a Li-ion battery if it is necessary

Password Protection

Multiple passwords protection

High-speed Operation

At most 4 high-speed inputs 10KHz, and 2 high-speed outputs 10KHz

Analog Operation

At most 12 voltage 0-10V and 2 current 4-20mA analog inputs,
       and 2 analog outputs 0/4-20mA

Power Failure Protection


Simulate Monitoring


Communication Interface

TTL interface; besides, communication module supports 2 RS485 and 1 RS232 interfaces

Baud Rate


Communication Protocol


Power Supply

Rated Voltage


Permissible Range


 Digital Input

Input Type


Input Signal 0


Input Signal 1




Digital Output

Output Type


Rated Voltage


Analog Input

Input Type

(DC0-10V)/8 inputs

(DC0-10V)/12 inputs

Analog Output



High-speed Operation

Input Type

4 inputs /10KHz

Support single-phase counter and two-phase counter

Output Type

2 outputs / 10KHZ

Supports multiple outputs: PTO pulse output, PWM pulse width modulation and acceleration/ deceleration single-phase pulse

Take the 12 points module as an example. The 12 points, 22 points, and 24 points modules and other extension modules share the same width and height, the only one difference exists in the length.


Dimension (mm)

12points CPU module


22points CPU module


24points CPU module


I/O extension module


SMS extension module


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