PLC Controller Communication Module


 This module is used for the interface sending APB remote signal. The combination of APB PLC and APB communication module can get networking function, which makes multiple APBs become a network with RS-485 bus, and have real-time monitoring on one HMI with MODBUS communication protocol. The user will enjoy more flexibility when designing automation solution.


Technical  Parameters


a. Serieal data interface

  • Baud rate: corresponds with sending baut rate;

  • Data format: corresponds with sending data format;

  • Type/RS-232/RS-485

b. Power supply

  • Power supply: powered by APB main machine or APB expansion module;

c. Power consumption

  • Current:135mA/5VDC(Communication state).

Other Parameters:

  • Size:63.8mm*89.7mm*25.6mm

  • Ambient temperature:-20℃~+60℃.

  • Relative humidity: (50℃,30%~80% no condensation)

network  connection


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