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APB-22ERD 14 points digital input,8 points relay output



  • Main module: 12\22\24 points; Extension module: 22 points; It is flexible for extending, and the optimal max. configuration: 7 I/O extension modules, 1 voice module, and 1 SMS module;

  • Program memory capacity: 320 FBDs, EEPROM;

  • It is allowed to place a Li-ion battery to power the clock;

  • Under the circumstance of DC12-24V, the main machine at most has 12 voltage analog inputs 0-10V, 2 current analog inputs 4-20mA and 2 analog outputs 4-20mA;

  • High-speed operation: at most 4 high-speed inputs 10KHZ and 2 high-speed outputs 10KHZ;

  • MODBUS protocol, and can be connected to SH-300 (Text Panel);

  • New function blocks: pulse width modulation (PWM), pulse output (PTO), ACC, SMS and analog calculation etc.;

Technical Parameters


Type APB-22ERD
 Power voltage  DC 12V - 24V
 Input points  14(I10 - I1D)
 Input voltage  DC 0V ~ 24V (digital inputs)
 Output points  8(Q00 - Q07)
 Output type  Relay output
ON/OFF frequency
 Mechanical frequency 10Hz
 Resistor load/light load  2Hz
 Inductive load  0.5Hz

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