Yumo Team Goes To Wenzhou Library

Yumo Team Goes To Wenzhou Library

Sep 21, 2020

     China's president Xi Jinping said:"The library is an important symbol of the national cultural development level and an important place to cultivate the national soul and cultural confidence."So yesterday, our Yumo team met with Wenzhou Library.


     Wenzhou Library, formerly known as the old Wenzhou Public Library, was born on May 9, 1919, and has a history of more than 100 years.


     Wenzhou Library is a national first-class library at prefecture level, and its predecessor was Jianyuan library, which was built on May 9, 1919. In March 2020, the integration group of Wenzhou Library and Wenzhou children's library will be built into "Wenzhou Library" by the office of the municipal Party committee's organization and Establishment Committee. The existing library covers an area of 45114 square meters, including 32000 square meters of Shifu Road General Museum, 9416 square meters of children's branch library, and 1809 square meters of elderly branch library. Wenzhou Library adheres to opening from 8:30 to 20:20 every day, receives nearly 6 million readers and borrows nearly 5 million volumes of literature annually. It is a large-scale modern public library integrating culture, education, scientific research, leisure and other functions.


     We are very happy in the world of books。