Unaffected By Power Outages And Interference

Unaffected By Power Outages And Interference

Jul 10, 2019

There are many optical channel engraving lines on the absolute encoder optical code disc. Each engraved line is arranged in 2 lines, 4 lines, 8 lines and 16 lines in turn. At each position of the encoder, the passage of each line is read. Dark, obtain a unique binary code (Gray code) from the zeroth power of 2 to the n-1 power of 2, which is called an n-bit absolute encoder. Such an encoder is determined by the mechanical position of the optical code disc, and it is not affected by power outages and interference.

The absolute encoder is coded by the mechanical position, it does not need to remember, no need to find a reference point, and does not have to count all the time, when to know the position, when to read its position. In this way, the anti-interference characteristics of the encoder and the reliability of the data are greatly improved.

Single-turn absolute encoder to multi-turn absolute encoder.

The absolute value rotates the single-turn absolute encoder to measure the scribe lines of the photoelectric code wheel in rotation to obtain the unique code. When the rotation exceeds 360 degrees, the code returns to the origin, so that the principle of absolute coding is not met. Such a code can only be used for measurements within a range of 360 degrees of rotation, called a single-turn absolute encoder.

Measuring rotation over 360 degrees, using multi-turn absolute encoder, encoder production uses the mechanical principle of clock gear, when the center code wheel rotates, through the gear drive another set of code discs (or multiple sets of gears, multiple sets of code discs ), on the basis of the single-turn coding, increase the coding of the number of turns to expand the measurement range of the encoder. Such an absolute encoder is called a multi-turn absolute encoder, which is also determined by the mechanical position, each The location code is unique and does not need to be memorized.

Another advantage of the multi-turn encoder is that due to the large measurement range, the use is often more affluent, so that it is not necessary to find a zero point during installation, and an intermediate position is used as a starting point, which greatly simplifies the difficulty of installation and debugging.