Photoelectric Safety Protection Device

Photoelectric Safety Protection Device

Jul 16, 2019

The safety light curtain is also the photoelectric safety protection device (also called safety protector, punch protector, infrared safety protection device, etc.). In modern factories, people work with machines on potentially hazardous machinery such as stamping machines, shearing equipment, metal cutting equipment, automated assembly lines, automated welding lines, mechanical transfer handling equipment, hazardous areas (toxic, High pressure, high temperature, etc.), it is easy to cause personal injury to workers.

The safety light curtain is a safety certified light curtain product consisting of two parts. The emitter emits modulated infrared light, which is received by the light receiver to form a protection net. When an object enters the protection net, when there is light blocked by the object, the receiver circuit reacts immediately through the internal control circuit, that is, the output Part of the output of a signal for emergency braking of machine tools such as presses, presses. Light curtains have a wide range of applications. For example, in stamping equipment that requires continuous feeding, if a contact safety guard door is installed, the operator needs to frequently open and close the protective door, which not only increases the workload of the operator, but also reduces the workload. Production efficiency. In this case, the use of gratings and light curtains is the best choice. When the operator picks up the material, as long as any part of the body blocks the light, the machine will enter a safe state without causing harm to the operator.

The density of the beam determines how much the body part can be detected through the light curtain. According to ergonomic data, the diameter of the finger of an adult should be no less than 14mm, the thickness of the palm should be no less than 30mm, and the diameter of the wrist should be no less than 40mm. For example, if the optical axis of the light curtain used is 40mm, the diameter of the optical axis is 20mm, its resolution is 40+20=60mm, then fingers, palms, wrists and arms are likely to pass through the light curtain and will not be found. Therefore, if you want to achieve higher security, you need to use a higher resolution light curtain.

When using gratings and light curtains, there are certain requirements for installation. It is not allowed to pass through the grating and light curtain to enter the dangerous area. It is also not allowed to have a surface reflecting light near the grating and the light curtain, so that the receiver can receive. The reflected light cannot be output to the reflected light. In addition, there are certain requirements for the use environment of the grating and the light curtain. If the dust in the environment is too large, it will affect the emission of light, thereby affecting the use of the grating and the light curtain.