Fast Speed, High Precision, Large Measuring Range, Strong Resistance To Light And Electric Interference

Fast Speed, High Precision, Large Measuring Range, Strong Resistance To Light And Electric Interference

Jul 13, 2019

A sensor that uses laser technology for measurement.

It consists of a laser, a laser detector and a measuring circuit. The laser sensor is a new type of measuring instrument. Its advantage is that it can realize non-contact long-distance measurement, fast speed, high precision, large measuring range, strong resistance to light and electric interference.

When the laser sensor is in operation, the laser emitting diode is first directed to the target to emit a laser pulse. The laser scatters in all directions after being reflected by the target. Part of the scattered light is returned to the sensor receiver, which is received by the optical system and imaged onto the avalanche photodiode. An avalanche photodiode is an optical sensor with an internal amplification function, so it can detect extremely weak optical signals and convert them into corresponding electrical signals.

Non-contact long-distance measurement can be achieved by using the high directivity, high monochromaticity and high brightness of the laser. Laser sensors are commonly used for measuring physical quantities such as length (ZLS-Px), distance (LDM4x), vibration (ZLDS10X), speed (LDM30x), azimuth, etc., and can also be used for flaw detection and monitoring of atmospheric pollutants.

Photosensitive sensors are one of the most common sensors. They are mainly used in: photocells, photomultiplier tubes, photoresistors, phototransistors, solar cells, infrared sensors, ultraviolet sensors, fiber optic sensors, color sensors, CCDs, and CMOS image sensor, etc. Its sensitive wavelength is near the wavelength of visible light, including infrared wavelengths and ultraviolet wavelengths. The light sensor is not limited to the detection of light. It can also be used as a detector element to form other sensors. It can detect many non-electric quantities, as long as these non-electric quantities are converted into changes in the optical signal. Light sensor is one of the most widely used and widely used sensors, and it plays an important role in the automatic control and non-electrical measurement technology. The simplest photosensor is a photoresistor that generates current when the photon impacts the junction.