CHINA YUMO-Create Unlimited Possibilities

CHINA YUMO-Create Unlimited Possibilities

Dec 13, 2017


China Machinex India is a 3 day event was held successfully in India Mumbai Exhibition Centre, that aims at meeting the ambitions of the corporate business.


There are over 1200 booths and over 800 high quality Chinese manufacturers in this exhibition.The show focuses on varied categories including Electricity and New Energy,Food Processing Machinery, Plastic Machinery, Hardware and Tools, Packaging Machinery & Motorcycles.


We have 2 booths(6G209) with exquisite decoration

YUMO product 1---SSRs

We have PCB Mount Solid State Relay, Single-Phase Solid State Relay, Three-Phase Solid State Relay, and some new type of SSRs.

YUMO the most unique advantage of Solid State Relay-- High solder

See the lines in the solder, Compare to the bad one, our solder is very thick and full.

The solder depend the life of the SSRs, it is the passage of the current, if the high current and long time works in the thin passage, it will easily be damaged, eventually, it failed to work.



Bad one


Our customers trust our SSRs,and ordered our samples at the exhibition.


Product 2---Rotary Encoder

The most popular encoder is ISM8060 handwheel, and E6A2 ,E6B2 series shaft encoder.


Besides,We have our local distributor in India. See the following photos, They are actively discussing future plans, they are our exclusive local agents in India.



After exhibition,I am back to China, Benjamin (my boss) come to Ahmedabad and New Delhi to visit our client's factory and company, to further friendship and cooperation.