Small size, very low moment of inertia

Small size, very low moment of inertia

Jul 12, 2019

Ultra-flexible encoder coupling;

Small size and extremely low moment of inertia;

Zero clearance, strong corrosion resistance

High torque rigidity, excellent sensitivity and high torque transmission

Stainless steel bellows structure allows for eccentricity, declination and axial deviation

Clockwise and counterclockwise rotation characteristics are identical

Long life, maintenance free for life

Bushing material: aluminum alloy (optional stainless steel)

Fixing method: top wire fixing

Made of polyurethane material, the rotation habit is very low;

High flexibility;

Has good electrical insulation properties;

Available in metric or inch sizes.

Zero clearance: the coupling as a whole does not allow clearance during the transmission process;

Low inertia: On the basis of ensuring the transmission strength, the weight of the encoder coupling should be reduced as much as possible;

Good elasticity: precision encoder couplings need to largely absorb the deviation between the shaft and the shaft generated during the installation process;

Compact design: Encoder couplings are usually small in size, with the same clockwise and counterclockwise rotation characteristics;

Maintenance-free: This type of coupling is virtually maintenance-free and extremely easy to install.