Easy to align and maintain; Small size

Easy to align and maintain; Small size

Jul 19, 2019

The photoelectric safety device generates a protective light curtain by emitting infrared rays. When the light curtain is blocked, the device emits a light-shielding signal to control the potentially dangerous mechanical equipment to stop working and avoid a safety accident.

Main application industries: forging machine tool factory, automobile manufacturing plant, motorcycle manufacturing plant, electrical appliance manufacturing plant, hardware processing plant, plastic machinery factory, paper cutter application, etc.

The safety light curtain consists of two parts: a light projector and a light receiver. The emitter emits modulated infrared light, which is received by the light receiver to form a protection net. When an object enters the protection net, when there is light blocked by the object, the receiver circuit reacts immediately through the internal control circuit, that is, the output Part of the output of a signal for emergency braking of machine tools such as presses, presses.

Light curtains have a wide range of applications. For example, in stamping equipment that requires continuous feeding, if a contact safety guard door is installed, the operator needs to frequently open and close the protective door, which not only increases the workload of the operator, but also reduces the workload. Production efficiency. In this case, the use of gratings and light curtains is the best choice. When the operator picks up the material, as long as any part of the body blocks the light, the machine will enter a safe state without causing harm to the operator.

The safety light curtain is also the photoelectric safety protection device (also called safety protector, punch protector, infrared safety protection device, etc.). In modern factories, as the level of automation continues to increase, the chances of working with people and machines are greatly increased. On some potentially dangerous mechanical equipment, such as stamping machinery, shearing equipment, metal cutting equipment, automated assembly lines, automated welding lines, mechanical transfer handling equipment, hazardous areas (toxic, high pressure, high temperature, etc.), operators and automation The equipment is not well coordinated and receives personal injury.

Synchronized violet or infrared scanning with proven technology, excellent optical performance and 2.5° divergence angle for easy alignment and maintenance;

Small in size and made of aluminum cast alloy casing, it is very sturdy and lightweight;

20/40mm multiple specifications resolution;

The protection height range is 4-128cm wide;

Electrical connection. 4-pin M12 connector;

Compact size OTDGM, the cross-sectional area of the series is only 25 × 25mm;

Customizable resolution and protection width, as well as a variety of other interfaces and extensions.