Touch Screen HIM High Brightness Cheap

MT8104IH is a high quality product of Human Machine Interaction,and now cheap to sell~



The past... Oneness

We have experienced: blackboard newspaper, art words, ink-jet painting, light box and other traditional advertising forms, single picture, not easy to update, carrying less content and other defects.


Now... Innovative

Now, we have come to the era of digital control, and continuous technological innovation, increased interactivity, sensors and so on, so that the content and function of the carrier continue to enrich.

MT8104IH (4)

   Touch screen display technology is a new human-computer interaction input mode. Compared with traditional keyboard and mouse input mode, touch screen input is more intuitive. In order to meet the needs of market customers, a multi-point touch screen display has been developed. With recognition software, the touch screen can also realize handwriting input. The touch screen is composed of a detection part installed in front of the display screen and a touch screen controller.


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