ECN13 HEIDENHAIN Safety Digital Data Transfer Rotary Encoder With Anti-rotation Element



• 07B stator coupling with anti-rotation element for axial mounting

• 65B taper shaft

• Encoders available with functional safety

• Fault exclusion for rotor and stator coupling as per EN 61 800-5-2 possible


Technical Specifications

ECN1313InterfaceOrdering designation Position values/revolution Elec. permissible speed/DeviationsLine countCutoff frequency –3 dB Voltage supply 
EnDat 2.2

EnDat018192 (13 bits)

512 lines: 5000 rpm/±1 LSB 12 000 rpm/±100 LSB

2048 lines: 1500 rpm/±1 LSB 12 000 rpm/±50 LSB

512    2048 2048 lines:≥400 kHz 512 lines:130 kHzDC 3.6 V to 14 V
Power consumption (max.) Current consumption (typical) Mech. permiss. speed n Starting torqueMax. operating temp. Min. operating temp. Mass
3.6V:0.6W 14V:0.7W5V:85mA (without load) ≤15000rpm 0.01Nm(at20°C) 115°C–40°C0.25 kg




ECN13 HEIDENHAIN safety digital data transfer rotary encoder with anti-rotation element

ECN1313204862S12-78 (5)

ECN1313204862S12-78 (7)

ECN1313204862S12-78 (3)

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