Numerical Control Machine Flange Encoder

ISL5809-001G-100ABZ1-5-24K Flange adapters, long working life, high shock. Resolution up to 5000 cpr Flange dimension 68*68(mm)



  A rotary encoder, also called a shaft encoder, is an electro-mechanical device that converts the angular position or motion of a shaft or axle to an analog or digital code.

  There are two main types: absolute and incremental (relative). The output of absolute encoders indicates the current position of the shaft, making them angle transducers. The output of incremental encoders provides information about the motion of the shaft, which is typically further processed elsewhere into information such as speed, distance and position.

  Application in heavy duty, especially on CNC machine tools spindle 
  Flange adapters, long working life, high shock.
  Resolution up to 5000 cpr 
  Flange dimension 68*68(mm)

  2 quadrature output channel (A&B)

  Full impulses under 1024, it is suitable for narrow area application


  Rotary encoders are used in many applications that require precise shaft unlimited rotation—including industrial controls, robotics, special purpose photographic lenses,computer input devices (such as optomechanical mice and trackballs), controlled stress rheometers, and rotating radar platforms.

  ISL58 series Solid-shaft Incremental Encoders are widely used in area of automatic control, measurements, robotic X-Y labor and printing. High reliability, long life, strong anti-interference ability and wide range temperature adaption. Square flange, be used in numerical control machine.


Ordering Information:


1.Please contact sales representative to confirm the correctness and availability of the part number
2.Line Drink is only available with 5V DC option

Technical Specifications:

Electrical Specification
Output circuitLine driver output
Power Vcc5±0.25 5~30
Load current60mA
High-level outputMin 3.4V
Low-level outputMax 0.4V
Rise Time TrMax 200ns
Fall Time TrMax 200ns
Max Responding 
Mechanical Specification
Max speed(r/min)Starting TorqueMax. Shaft LoadingShockingVibration
6000<0.12NmRadial:85N, Axial:50N50G/11-ms10G 10-2000Hz
Rotor  InertiaWorking TemperatureStorage TemperatureProtection GradeWeight


Connection Table:

ColorGreenWhiteYellowBrownGrayOrangeRedBlackCopper Web
7Pin Plug352

9Pin Plug532768149
Output phase shift:

Wave Ratio: a+b=0.5T±0.1T
Z signal Width: Tz=1T±0.5T
A,B phase absolute angle deviation ≤0.2T
Periodic Deviation ≤0.05T
T=360°/N (N is the exact number of impulse of  each spin )

 Dimension:  (unit: mm)

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